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About Artist Anima McKertcher


I'm a self taught Canadian artist. I was born in Ghana, a small country in West Africa in 1982. Since I was six years old I've lived in Canada spending several years in Edmonton and the little town of Drumheller. Currently, I live in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband Terry who I married in May of 2003. In 2004, I received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Software Engineering from the University of Alberta. My true passion, though, has always been drawing and painting.

Artist's Statement

I love painting people in general but I especially love painting women. I try to capture the soft glow of light from the skin and the way clothing flows around the lines and curves of the female form. My goal is to make the woman look like someone not from this world - a serene and mysterious person who lives apart from the mundane activities and anxieties we face today.

I try to create art that makes the viewer stare and stare - the same way that I stare at the painting while I'm working on it and when it's done. I strive to captivate the user with the beautiful subject, the striking contrasts and the vibrant use of colour.

Artistic Process

Inspiration for my art comes from so many different sources - what I hear, what I see and what I touch. Fashion photography, emotional music and poetic Bible verses often trigger images in my mind that I am eventually compelled to paint. By far, though, the beautiful creations on the earth and in the sky inspire me the most. In my imagination, I meld together the different elements that have inspired me into scenes that are surreal, exotic and serene. At any given moment I have twenty or more of these scenes in my mind. Sometimes I write down a little about the image or make a brief sketch of it but most often it just stays in my head until I'm ready to paint it.

Most of my paintings are done on canvas but I've recently started painting on Canson Mi-Teinte paper as well. I begin sketching the subject using either conte or oil pastel. Then I apply the oil pastels with heavy pressure so that the painting surface is thoroughly covered with an opaque layer. If I'm combining two colors I will apply the darker colour first with light pressure and then use heavy pressure when adding the lighter colour. My favorite blending tool is my finger but I also use Q-Tips or cotton balls covered in plastic wrap. I work on the painting in sections, usually starting with the face of the woman. Once a section is near completion I move onto another section. After a section has hardened for a day or two I add more details. I continue like this until the painting is completely done. If I used canvas, I paint the edges of the canvas with black acrylic paint.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions and Requests

Are you curious about something that I haven't answered here? Do you have a comment about my art or a suggestion for this website? Would you like a particular painting to be released as a print? Whatever it is, I would love to hear from you, so contact me today.

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