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My name is Anima and I'm an emerging artist living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My blog is on tips for artists, artist reviews and interviews, art business and marketing, art collecting, how to decorate with art, oil pastel painting tips, giclee print information, finding creativity and inspiration, my travels, works in progress, new paintings, personal revelations, and everything in between.

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2 Step Journey to Becoming a Better Photographer

Anima photographing her reflection in the trailer while camping at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park in Central Alberta

Anima photographing her reflection in the trailer window while camping at Miquelon Lake in May.
© Anima

There's a simple 2 step process to becoming a better photographer. Dozens more steps can make you a great photographer but these 2 set your foundation. They may be common sense but I'm only now implementing them myself. Once again, common sense proves not so common.

One thing I've never considered myself is a photographer. For about 92% of my life I've barely taken a handful of pictures a year, all terrible, with the occasional decent fluke. With the discovery of Darren Rowse's Digital Photography School, I'm inspired to change.

Besides slavishly reading through everything on DPS, the plan for becoming a better photographer is this: Practice. And more practice. Trips to Miquelon Lake, Crimson Lake, Montreal, Southern Ontario, and the Devonian Gardens this summer should afford me plenty of opportunities. Two trees in a field of wheat east of the McKertcher family farm near Milverton, Ontario

Two trees in a field of wheat
Photographed east of the McKertcher family farm near Milverton, Ontario shortly after sunrise on June 19th
© Anima

So what are the first 2 steps to becoming a better photographer?

Carry your camera everywhere

My camera is now crammed into my giant suitcase of a purse along with hand sanitizer, lotion, and baby wipes. (Those baby wipes are indispensable, even in my baby less state.)

Take your camera out of your purse and snap some pictures

Between just plain forgetting and feeling self-conscious and touristy, this is easier said than done. Your companions may wonder why you're photographing a random leaf or ceramic tile. Just smile and keep clicking. As artists, we're used to not fitting into the conventional mould anyways so what's the difference?

Well, my journey starts with these 2 steps. I'll keep you posted. Where are you on your journey to becoming a better photographer?

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Posted by Anima on June 22, 2008   0 Comments Links to this post


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