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June 2008 Newsletter

Happy June, everyone!

In this newsletter I'm releasing three new original paintings and introducing you to an exciting Canadian artist. Plus what I'm painting now and more.

With a smile,


New Paintings



20" x 25" (50 cm x 62.5 cm)
Oil Pastel on Canson Mi-Teinte paper

Finally, over a year and a half after starting, it's finally done! The next step is getting it framed for display at the Whyte Avenue Art Walk in July.

Day and Night

Day and Night

24" x 36" (60 cm x 90 cm)
Oil Pastel on Canvas

This was a fun experiment in geometry, symmetry, and contrasts.

Night and Day

Night and Day

24" x 36" (60 cm x 90 cm)
Oil Pastel on Canvas

How could I create "Day and Night" without it's compliment, "Night and Day"?

What I'm Painting Now


A 12" x 24" oil pastel and acrylic painting of a mysterious woman in ribbons of red.

Tremulous Night

A sparkling night sky on a 12" x 12" canvas.

Glimpse of Power

This huge commission piece is consuming most of my painting time lately, but I've made some serious progress. It's nothing like my usual colorful figurative work but it's been a fun challenge.

Paintings I'm Planning

August is going to see my focus shift to wine. Last September's trip to the Okanagan Fall Wine Festival was inspirational for me. Since then, I've been collecting and tasting wines in preparation for these new paintings. Like the saying goes, it's hard work but somebody's gotta do it!

Whyte Avenue Art Walk

My next public appearance will be July 11 - 13, 2008 at the annual Whyte Avenue Art Walk. I'll know what my exact location will be soon so I'll pass that on in the next newsletter and post it on my .

For All You Art Lovers ...

Last Rose of Summer by Mandy Budan

Abstract Florals and Landscapes by Mandy Budan

Last Rose of Summer
© Mandy Budan
18" x 24"
Acrylic on Panel

Canadian acrylic artist Mandy Budan's work is unexpected and striking. Her Etsy avatar was my first glimpse of her art, and always curious about another Canadian artist, I checked out her shop on Etsy. What a brilliant surprise!

For All You Artists ...

I was asked this question a while back:

"With oil pastels, do you draw out everything in pencil first? I'm doing some practice runs but the pencil blends in a bit with the pastels ... what do you do?"

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